Mechanical engineering and manufacturing are still the hardcore of the patent business

Innovation within mechanical engineering and manufacturing is by far the most important area for value creation for production companies.

Choosing the right partner for securing your innovation in an overcrowded patent landscape is key.

Our experts rely on broad experience combined with in-depth sector expertise. They offer outstanding scientific and legal qualifications backed up by hands-on experience – including from their own industry background.

In addition to strong academic backgrounds in engineering, our attorneys have significant industrial experience and understand the legal, technical and commercial challenges faced by companies in the global engineering and manufacturing sector.

Highly qualified scientific thinking and specialised legal expertise help us create strategies that support your commercial objectives.

As with all our key industry sectors, aera offers a full range of drafting and prosecution services for patents and registered designs, together with oppositions and appeal procedures.

The strong technical expertise of our mechanics team covers all aspects, including:

  • Automotive
  • Construction equipment
  • Mechanical devices
  • Food service equipment
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing machines
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Recycling processes
  • Furniture and clothing
  • Shipping

aera has many direct clients. This inevitably means that we manage and coordinate the prosecution of patent applications all over the world – with the support of our large network of overseas attorneys.

We also prosecute a large number of cases from foreign associates and help securing and defending Scandinavian and European patent rights for international companies, universities, and even governments.