Obtain your design rights

A registered design is one way of protecting the visual appearance a product, where the protection may include the shape, the patterns and /or the colors used to give a product its individual character. A registered design may be in the form of a three-dimensional appearance of e.g. a product or part of a product, or a two-dimensional appearance of a e.g. a logo, textiles, packaging, etc.

The importance of a registered design is probably the most underestimated intellectual property right that is available for companies and individuals. It is relatively inexpensive to obtain a design right, and where an international treaty may be utilized to introduce a single design right in multiple countries and regions.

In most countries a registered design is an unexamined property right, which means that a company may be in a strong position from the registration day of the design if a third party provides a product that is similar to product owned by the company.

A registered European design is generally valid for five years from the initial registration date, but the protection can be extended to up to 25 years.

aera will be able to assist you in protecting the visual appearance of your products both in Europe as well as the rest of the world through our network of trusted associates.

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Over the last years the world of design has rapidly changed due to technical advancements and especially the internet. As the current legislation on design protection in the EU is more than 20 years old, the technical advancements have led to gaping holes in the legislation. Practitioners and scholars alike […]

13. November 2023
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