Free IP consultancy for female innovators

aera supports female entrepreneurship and innovation by offering one hour of free IP consultancy every month to a female entrepreneur, scientist, or inventor. This means that every month, a separate individual or company can benefit from our expertise in patents, trademarks, design, IP strategy, or any other aspect of intellectual property.

Before the meeting, we will ask you send a brief introduction outlining the topics you wish to discuss. This will enable us to prepare for the consultation effectively and ensure that you receive the most valuable advice. Based on this information, we will select the most competent consultant from our team. Additionally, your location will be taken into consideration.

This offer is intended for small companies, independent scientists, inventors, and startups in Europe. If you are employed by a larger company or outside Europe, please email us, and we will explore alternative ways in which we can assist you.

Please be aware that the offer doesn’t cover any work that requires payment of fees to authorities.
Aera is not liable for anything provided in the submission form or during the course of the free consultation.

Send your request now. First come first served.