Meet Philippe Benjamin Skow – the creative lawyer

On the 1st of March this year, Philippe Benjamin Skow joined the legal team at aera.

Philippe holds a Master of Law and has previously worked as a Legal Counsel at the successful compliance-software company CYBOT and as an Assistant Attorney at the Danish law firm Havemann where he advised within IP, Tech, Media Entertainment, and Corporate Commercial Law.

Besides his legal work, Phillippe is an acclaimed international concert violinist and has since the age of five played numerous solo concerts around the world. So how did he become interested in IP?

“Being brought up by an international attorney and a royal ballerina, law and the creative industries have been a natural part and passion since childhood. At age 2, I received my first violin, and from age 5 I earned my first money as a concert violinist from solo performances in the Tivoli Concert Hall and on radio and TV. During my law thesis I had the opportunity of diving into IP protection of business concepts within Tech and Entertainment. Having afterwards worked for a software company and studied computer science at Harvard, tech law has furthered an even bigger curiosity of the creative side of digitalisation. Not least of how IP in tech can secure and drive value” he explains and continues:

“My fields of expertise are trademarks, copyright and design, especially within tech, pharma, fashion and entertainment. I think speaking 6 languages and having a global background and network, makes me capable of understanding international clients and their needs and to render them efficient advice.”

As a legal consultant Philippe enjoys when a client sees the value of his work, no matter in which area or at which business level he is working:

“I love when sitting in a meeting and clients realise to which great extent IP can actually not only save, but also secure their hard work, and boost their business and value. In our team we work mainly with large Danish and international corporations, but also with startups and scale-ups across sectors. From pharma, shipping and energy over fashion to gaming and tech. I find it ever more fascinating and inspiring to work with tech, seeing how it drives, influences and improves our society” he elaborates before we jump to the unavoidable and big question:

Besides working as a lawyer, you are a professional violinist. How do you combine the two worlds and is there any synergy between the two jobs?

Philippe Benjamin Skow and a Stradivarius from the 17th century worth €10 millions

“Haha. I have always worked a lot. Becoming a classical violinist and performing internationally at a top level is very comparable to professional sports such as tennis. The 6-15 hours of daily practice and preparation from childhood is extreme and very detail focused. The performances are powerful and under intense pressure. Having been in that since childhood, it falls very natural having, in law, a preparation period with focus on the smallest nuances and details followed by high performance with communication in a concise, efficient and convincing manner under intense pressure. Secondly, having performed internationally for state leaders, large corporations and their leaders, cultural institutions and in media entertainment, I have had the pleasure of forming close relations to inspiring people across sectors, which is rewarding on all levels. Not least when I get the pleasure of connecting people on my path, adding value for them in a business context. Finally, analysing complex works of some of the world’s most brilliant geniuses harmonises with the analysis of complex law. Interpretation of music and forming legal arguments are highly creative, since one really has to think out of the box, see things from different angles and in a new light. Law and forming legal arguments are, to many people’s surprise perhaps, highly creative” he finishes before rushing back to work.

If you want to meet Philippe and the rest of the legal team at aera, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.