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ai matters! New article is out: Technology introduction

Since generative AI entered the mainstream nearly 2 years ago with the debut of ChatGPT, it has quickly been integrated into many of our daily interactions.
Therefore it seems like an excellent time to introduce a new series of articles: ai matters.

Here, we will briefly outline some of the key IP issues that generative AI is facing – or perhaps, more accurately, some of the key issues IP is facing in light of generative AI. The purpose here isn’t to provide you with legal advice, and the series serves not even as a comprehensive guide to the ins and outs of all things at the intersection of generative AI and intellectual property.

The scope and timing of this series is intentional. We present it with the hope that it will provide enough detail and nuance to allow both laypersons and skilled practitioners to develop a sense of the key issues at this point in time.

And thus, that it may provide a foundation for growth and development as these issues will no doubt complexify before they simplify.

Read the first article in the series here.