Digital Learning during lockdown

The past year has seen us spend countless hours in the digital world. We’ve had digital meetings, lunches, coffee talks, but we’ve also been faced with a new paradigm in digital learning, at least from the perspective of education in one way or another.

Over the last decade, several online courses and higher education programs have emerged from high ranking universities and the number of students enrolled in digital programs have increased immensely. The past year alone has forced the development of ways to go about digital teaching and learning, and the world of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is no exception. As an example, this year’s European qualifying examination (EQE) was entirely digital and could be sat from home or wherever it fitted the candidates.

In this article Rasmus Fredlund, Marianne Johansen and Nikolaj Riis Christensen look back at a year with COVID-19 and lock-downs and their effects on digital learning.