Eight recommended individuals in the new IAM Patent 1000 rankings

In the recent IAM Patent 1000 rankings, aera is represented by no less than eight attorneys in the individual recommendation category and once again, we are also among the recommended firms. Congratulations on this achievement to Hanane Fathi RoswallYlva SkoglösaMarianne JohansenHenrik SkødtAnders SandgaardPer LarsenNicka Kirstejn and newcomer on the list Dan Fischer.

IAM – Informing IP value writes: “Time and again, Aera proves itself willing and able to nip the challenges that arise for clients in the bud quickly and effectively. Its “approachable, extremely skilled” practitioners come up with solutions that are aligned with clients’ aims and the industries in which they operate: “They are service-minded, act resourcefully and understand the needs and wants of smaller businesses too.” The boutique continues to go from strength to strength, increasing head count, expanding its geographical reach and bolstering its capabilities.

In late 2020, it brought on US patent attorney and former Knobbe Martens partner Dan Fischer in a move that has not only boosted its knowledge of semiconductors and USPTO proceedings, but also added to its international contacts. Managing partner Nicka Kirstejn is “one of a kind when it comes to biotech patents. He is extremely bright and his excellent industry network makes him a great choice”. In a similar vein, Per Larsen appreciates the business value behind solid patent protection and has an entrepreneurial spirit that resonates with multinationals looking to capitalise on their assets. Biomedical ace Ylva Skoglösa “has saved the day on numerous occasions. Her input and strategic insight are instrumental”, whether devising strategies or entering into negotiations with major industrial partners and competitors. A life sciences star with rock-solid technical foundations, Marianne Johansen has spent over three decades in the game and adroitly navigates the interface between IP protections and market exclusivity. “Creative and solutions oriented” are the words used to describe former Novartis principal patent attorney Henrik Skødt: “He has a great grasp of many technologies, quickly gets acquainted with new inventions and patent families, and provides great suggestions.” Counsel of choice to Sony Corporation, Hanane Fathi Roswall and Anders Sandgaard are “fantastic in the field of software”. Fathi Roswall is “a first-class attorney who can work to tight deadlines”; while Anders has a complete command of individual components. “There are few attorneys who stand out like theydo.””

We are very delighted to receive this appreciation and wish to share this with all our employees and clients.