Fake e-mails for trademark owners are circulating

Many companies are these days receiving e-mails informing them that a trademark application for a trademark identical or closely similar to their company name has been applied for, meaning that the business risks losing the right to use its name.

As an apparent courtesy the sender of the e-mail then provides the business with a short notice to respond to the e-mail and provide payment of a fixed fee to apply for the trademark themselves, so that the business owner retains the right to its name.

There is unfortunately nothing new in scammers trying to scam businesses in relation to its IP-rights. Prior examples are fake invoices sent to a trademark applicant from what appears to be the EU Intellectual Property Office or letters claiming infringement of a third party’s IP-rights with demands for compensation to settle the matters without that third party even existing.

If you or your business receive any sort of e-mail pertaining to your IP-rights, that is not sent from your usual representative, it is our recommendation that you sent it past us to be sure.

Should you have any questions on IP-scammers or your IP-rights in general, feel free to contact one of our IP experts, as we are always ready to assist you.