Georgia joins the validation system within the European Patent Organisation

Today 15 January, 2024, the Republic of Georgia will join the ranks of countries where you can secure patent protection through a granted European patent. This milestone follows the signing of the “validation” agreement between Georgia and the European Patent Organisation in October 2019, which is set to take effect this month. Validation of granted European patents in Georgia is available for European patent applications (or PCT or priority applications) filed on or after 15 January 2024.

The European Patent Organisation comprises 39 member states, including the 30 nations within the European Economic Area (EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway), alongside Albania, Switzerland, the UK, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, San Marino, and Turkey.

The Republic of Georgia joins Morocco, Moldova, Tunisia and Cambodia as validation states; in addition, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a so-called extension state.

By simply paying a single fee when filing a European patent application, you can designate all these 45 states. Once your patent is granted, it automatically becomes effective in these countries, though certain formalities must be completed in the specific countries of interest.