Patentvoucher: Did you get your applicant certificate yet?

On 15 September, the Minister of Trade and Industry presented the ambitious plan to increase IP awareness amongst Danish SMEs. A central part of the plan is the introduction of a new patent voucher system for SMEs. The voucher will be given as financial support for patent work, covering up to 75 % of the costs with a maximum of DKK 75,000 (EUR 10,000) and may be granted to an SME if the following conditions are met:

1. the company is categorised as an SME according to the official definition of the EU;
2. the company makes a self contribution of DKK 25,000;
3. the company is registered in the Central Business Register, CVR, before the application date.

3 mio DKK has been allocated yearly for the system in 2021-23, and the application process will be administered by Erhvervshus Nordjylland. The voucher must be used within 12 months from its grant and all SMEs will have to go through an IP check and get a certificate before qualifying as an applicant.

As the application process is expected to be opened in November it is now time to contact your local Erhvervshus, if your company wants to be ready to apply.

Reach out to your preferred aera attorney and discuss your chances for qualifying for the project.