Today we celebrate women!

Women in the arts, women in science, women in IP, women in general.

Kvindernes Bygning (The Women’s Building), in which our Copenhagen office is located, was made for women and had a group of significant Danish women behind it. In particular, the famous Danish writer and playwright Emma Gad is worth mentioning. Emma Gad dreamed of creating a centre for women’s associations, exhibitions, and shops and began raising funds in 1895 where she also initiated a Women’s Exhibition in Copenhagen.

Another important person in the creation of the Women’s Building was the painter Susette C. Holten who designed the dandelion poster that played an important part in the fund-raising. Stamps with her dandelion design were sold to raise money and the design is still an integrated part of the building today. After nearly 40 years, the project was fully funded and the Danish architect Ragna Grubb was appointed for the project. Kvindernes Bygning was ready for opening in 1936, and with this project, Ragna Grubb became the first female architect to establish a studio in Denmark.

Throughout the years, Kvindernes Bygning has housed several women’s associations and shops as well as a hotel, and to this day it is home to several women’s associations as well as various companies, a music venue, and of course aera.