Welcome to Marianne Johansen!

We are very proud to announce that European Patent Attorney Marianne Johansen has joined Aera A/S.

Marianne entered the IP profession in 1989 after having worked as an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen for several years. She has a Ph.D. degree in drug delivery systems and has a profound knowledge within life science including pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical formulation, drug delivery systems, diagnostics, biomarkers, medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, immunology, cell therapy, etc.

During her IP career, she has held several CEO positions, but always maintained a close relationship with her clients and continued handling their IP work as she finds it a challenging task involving skills within science, language, legal matter, business and creativity.

Marianne is furthermore an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen and a technical judge at the Maritime and Commercial High Court and the Western High Court.

Please join us in giving Marianne a warm welcome to Aera.