Open Special 2022

Videos and presentations

Richard Hung (MORRISON & FOERSTER): Why bother with IP litigation in the US?

US IP litigation is from a European perspective perceived as costly, not worth it. It is complicated and longsome and you rarely hear people in the states say that they love IP litigation. But what can we learn from perhaps the most hyped IP litigation case ever, the “Apple vs Samsung” case and the seven-year-long patent fight over iPhone copying? Richard Hung who led the case on behalf of Apple will guide us through.

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Willem Hoyng: The wolf IS coming – future IP litigation under the UPC

What will change strategically when the UPC enters into force in the fall? Will Scandinavian industry now be haunted by obscure patentees, will we see trolls gearing up in Europe, or will everybody opt out? How do we prepare?

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Stephanie Southwick (OMNI BRIDGEWAY): Is litigation funding friend or foe?

Litigation funding is a widespread business in the US, but not as well-known in Europe. However, it may very well be a solution worth investigating for many European SMEs faced with infringement cases caused by the coming unitary patent system. Stephanie will teach us why and how the underwriting process shapes the deal.

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Panel discussion – moderator: Henrik Skødt, aera