Season’s Greetings Video 2020

Season’s greetings from aera

It is now almost 3 years ago since this firm was founded by a few like-minded people who had a “one for all, all for one” vision on how a modern European firm should position itself within this crazy business we call IP. Back then, we only had a few days to conceive our vision that is now the bedrock of our company. Since then, we have grown from 4 to 24 headcounts [SIXFOLD!], included a fifth partner, a whole new domestic territory [Sweden], and a new business area [Legal services].

Like everywhere else, our 2020 will always go down as ‘the year of the COVID-19’, but we have luckily enough not yet seen a negative business effect of that. Naturally, some of our clients have been affected, and we have not been able to host our beloved Open events since March, but we have instead filed multiple applications on ingenious solutions to battle or diagnose COVID-19, and we only hope that our small contribution will help fight this virus and get things back to a “new normal”, because honestly, things are never going to be exactly the same again.

However, we are not only proud of assisting our beloved new clients, conquering new market shares, and the simplified complexity we have delivered – it was always our expectation to deliver on those parameters.

What is really our biggest achievement in 2020 is the newcomers to the aera team, in particular Monika Colak (SE), Dan Fischer (US) and Siddardha Koneti (IN) who came from far away to join us here in Copenhagen.

Three people from three very different parts of the world, all joined to help expand the skillset of the company; Monika with decades of dedication to trademarks and domain names, Dan leaving behind a partnership in New York to learn from the top of the pops in Europe, and Sid bringing that vivid new young knowledge from research and development from his 12 scientific journal publications.

It’s growing with competences like this that really thrills us.

We can’t wait to invite you back to our rooftop for those aera-branded beers that were shelved since the cancellation of our “Oktoberfest”. And as you can see from this year’s season’s greetings video, we are no fun without YOU visiting us…in fact, you might even say that we are bored stiff…

With all this in mind, we wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year – we look so much forward to seeing you all in 2021.

the aera team