Online Brand Protection

Ensure your business and IP rights with an effective online brand protection strategy

A brand is a company’s key asset and needs protection both offline and online. The different digital channels; websites, email, search engines, apps and social media have changed the business landscape. Websites that provide a platform for third parties to sell products now represent some of the world’s most successful business. On the other hand, counterfeits in digital world increases constantly and brands are not only losing business but also damaging the reputation of the brand. Social media platforms are powerful and crucial for your business in respect of branding, marketing and communication. An effective online brand protection strategy allows you to ensure your business and IP rights.

aera provides together with our trusted partner an Online Brand Protection that combines online brand monitoring and enforcement of your IP rights. The comprehensive tool identifies and priorities different online threats and with tailored solutions enforces your IP rights.

The Online Brand Protection is one tool that covers:

  • Domain Name Monitoring
  • Marketplace Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Mobile Apps Monitoring
  • Trademark Clearinghouse
  • Enforcement