Hans began his career in the IP industry in the early 1990s and joined aera as Chief Patent Officer in 2023.

Before joining aera, Hans held several senior management positions in another European IP consultancy.  Moreover, before joining the IP industry, Hans worked as naval architect and mechanical engineer in a Danish consultancy designing large commercial ships.

Hans is a senior patent attorney and has vast experience in all fields within the IP industry. He excels in handling complex challenges and is, amongst his colleagues and clients, known as a true ”solution finder”, which means that Hans is likely to provide clear and often unique solutions to opportunities and challenges.

At aera, Hans is focusing on developing our patent business even further alongside focusing also on technology, IP management systems, and business intelligence as fundamental components of a next-gen IP platform for aera.

Managing IP: IP Star 2023
Recommended Individual – IAM Patent 1000 2023


  • Naval architecture (design and propulsion)
  • Automotive
  • Mechanics
  • Green Tech (wind, solar & water)
  • ICT
  • Software


  • ADIPA (formerly The Danish Association of Patent Agents)