Laura began her legal and patent career in tech, at a large multinational, drafting and prosecuting patents with the USPTO for inventors globally. She focused her work on AI/LLM (Watson Health) and quantum computing, but enjoyed working across technology areas including the Internet of Things, data compression, and digital and wireless communication.

Since her time building a solid foundation in patent drafting and prosecution, she has worked globally with start-ups to large multinationals across industries. Driven by curiosity and connection, she has gained broad experience during that time in diverse areas including building and leading IP departments from the ground up in anticipation of IPO, to creating and implementing strategies for existing companies, to leading IP due diligence for VC funding, including traditional due diligence as well as business-focused IP readiness and value assessments, to working in the more day-to-day tasks of patent and trademark licensing and structuring IP ownership in complex, multi-party joint development projects.

Her practice also focuses on holistic assessment, creation, and utilisation of IP assets within an organisation, with experience in activities like leading harvesting sessions with design and engineering teams, IP-centric software licensing and open source software compliance, as well as strategic patent, design and trademark portfolio creation and management. As global head of IP she was responsible for creating and implementing strategies for launching and protecting global brands.

She brings her US-focused approach to her work with an eye for creating licensing and litigation ready assets.

Through her in-house experience, she has learned common patterns and hurdles that impact IP stakeholders, from engineers to executives. Her clients appreciate her acute awareness of and appreciation for their challenges and her willingness to roll up her sleeves and join them in the trenches of IP management and value creation.

She is an active mentor and a frequently invited speaker and university lecturer in IP strategy.


  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Mobile Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Machine learning Techniques: AI, neural networks, LLM
  • Automotive
  • Information Security
  • Quantum Computing


  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
  • Minnesota Supreme Court