Stefan has been in the patent profession since 2004. Early in his career he became partner in an IP firm based in Karlstad, Sweden. After many years of work he resigned and took a three-year partial break from the IP field but was eventually persuaded to return to head the patent department of another Stockholm based IP firm. Upon return to the business, he was asked to chair the board of SEPAF, the industry organization for Swedish intellectual property companies, which he did for two years.

Stefan has extensive knowledge within a wide range of technologies including mechanics, mechatronics, and material science. Today his primary focus is within metallurgy, where he serves several leading companies.

Stefan experiences include drafting, prosecution, oppositions, and portfolio management.


  • European Patent Attorney
  • Intellectual property course for the European patent litigation certificate
  • Engineering physics at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm/Sweden


  • Materials, particularly metallurgy
  • Mechanics
  • Mechatronics


  • European Patent Institute (EPI)
  • Listed as representative at the EPO and the UPC