Graduate Programme: Patent Attorney

aera has developed a structured graduate programme where graduates through a combination of internal training, real case work and external courses during a course of 3-4 years.

This is a focused programme for passing the European Qualification Examination (EQE) that gives the title of European Patent Attorney (EPA). EPA is the gold standard for patent consulting.

Graduates will during the first 4-5 months receive a detailed introduction to innovation harvesting and patent processes.

All internal training sessions in the first 5 months will take a place in Copenhagen. Candidates should be able to work in either Copenhagen or Stockholm the first two years of the programme.

We expect a great deal of our graduates – but we also offer something unique; the chance to become an expert in the legal processes behind innovation where graduates learn from the best in the field.

Expected starting day: 1 September 2024.

aera may not be your second home but being at the office many hours every week means that working in a nice place with nice people is important for how much you enjoy working. At aera we want to have fun while making successful IP work for our clients.

To secure a high level of team spirit we always involve several employees in the contact with our clients. With our flat organisational structure, we want to give all employees the highest level of joy while working in combination with an extensive level of responsibility and influence.

Besides working hard, we dedicate time to social arrangements and once in a while we join each other for a coffee or glass of wine on our terraces overlooking either the centre of Copenhagen or Stockholm.

We are also very proud about our highly succesful events called Open – check the calendar and feel free to sign up for one of the events if you wish to meet us before applying.

aera was founded on January 1, 2018. The coming together of four founding partners, each with more than 10 years experience from high end prosecution firms in the region, has provided the firm with an exceptionally great start. Grown from just four people on the starting date, to a headcount of 44 people in the beginning of 2024, has truly shown the rapid growth of the firm.