Candidates for Patent Graduate Programme

aera has developed a structured graduate programme where graduates through a combination of internal training, real case work and external courses during the first 3-4 years learn the patent consulting business.

This is a focused programme for passing the European Qualification Examination (EQE) that gives the title of European Patent Attorney (EPA). EPA is the gold standard for patent consulting.

Graduates will during the first 4-5 months receive a detailed introduction to innovation harvesting and patent processes.

All internal training sessions in the first 5 months will take a place in Copenhagen. Candidates should be able to work in either Copenhagen or Stockholm the first two years of the programme.

We expect a great deal of our graduates – but we also offer something unique; the chance to become an expert in the legal processes behind innovation where graduates learn from the best in the field.

Masters of science or equivalent is a minimum requirement, and a Ph.D. is a bonus.

Send us your CV with a cover letter and let us know why you want to become a patent consultant.

Application deadline: 1 August 2024
Expected starting day: 1 September 2024