Four aera attorneys included in the IAM Strategy 300 guide 2023

Moving from three to four attorneys included in the guide, we are happy to congratulate Johannes Wehner on being added to the guide along with Ylva Skoglösa, Per Larsen and Nicka Kirstejn who once again are among the 300 selected leading IP strategists in the world.

Here is what IAM says about them:

Ylva Skoglösa: “When working with Ylva Skoglösa, her extensive technical knowledge and expertise are instantly apparent. Moreover, she establishes her clients as industry leaders by ensuring that they are entirely familiar with the IP landscape in which they operate.”

Per Larsen: “Per Larsen is a seasoned attorney with years of experience in closing high-stakes deals for leading international companies. His strong ability to conduct technical, legal and business analysis solidifies his position as a major IP dealmaker.”

Johannes Wehner: “Johannes Wehner has exceptionally profound technical understanding, particularly in the area of organic and biological chemistry, and his advice is practical, detailed and straightforward. He has the expertise to develop portfolios that withstand both legal and business challenges.”

Nicka Kirstejn: “Thanks to his extensive knowledge of international prosecution strategies and how to use them to advance businesses, Nicka Kirstejn is a staple for his clients. He has decades of experience that he uses masterfully and puts to work for the best possible outcome.”

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