This is aera!

Our patent attorneys come from many different backgrounds and educational paths.

To become a patent attorney, you need a master’s degree (or, even better, a Ph.D.) in a technical or scientific area. In our graduate programme you will learn how to use your knowledge in the patent process for a very varied group of clients. Even though aera is just in its seventh year, we have a lot of large, international clients as well as local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In our offices, we maintain an informal atmosphere, which means that we, for example, don’t have a dress code. In the summer, it’s not unusual for many employees to wear shorts and T-shirts. Of course, we also know when it’s time to dress up.

Everybody in aera has to embrace a high degree of personal responsibility as our relatively flat structure means that you, as an employee, must manage your tasks and time.

At aera, we believe in working hard to meet our clients’ needs, but we also know how to have fun. Our annual music video-making shoot is an excellent example of this, and our events are another example of the exciting activities we organize for our clients, employees, and their friends and family throughout the year.

If you want to become a patent attorney, read more about our graduate programme here.